Wardriven Landslide

Hunting the LA Metro for free internet. Unsecured Wireless is at your fingertips.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Bus stop update.

Just a quick update while I wait for the bus, I wanted to check MTA.Net for bus routes and times, and found a wireless network to assist me in that.

wireless: Corner of Santa Monica Blvd. and Wellesley. decent signal, around the 50% mark. good response time. IP range is 192.168.2.x if you need to manually config.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

On the prowl.

I ended up catching the LA Metro up to Universal Citywalk... That was kinda fun. No wireless down there... too bad, eh? Well, The wireless coverage in Citywalk sucks... except for one I found. They block out every port but the basic necessities (HTTP, HTTPS, POP3, POP3S, IMAP and IMAPS) so I was able to do some e-mail conversating and check a few sites, but other than that... Yeah, if you're in citywalk and need to ship wireless, get a blackberry.

KSCW_Wifi: Karl Strauss Steakhouse in Citywalk; down below it too. Decent coverage in the surrounding area, but watch out for those blocked ports.

Wardriven Landslide hits Hollywood/Highland today, starting in the Virgin Megastore. I was kinda tired of being cooped up, so I decided to start wandering the streets of Hollywood, leaving a breadcrumb trail behind me. Did I mention I don't like this city? Oh well. First off, I'd like to thank a friend of mine, Wizzard, for giving me a wireless network ESSID in Edinburgh, England for the site. If you happen to be on South Clerk Street in Edinburgh, hit up SCS; it's WEP encrypted, but the key is a simple 48bit key... 0123456789. What a great one. Well, There aren't any in the Virgin Megastore available... which in reality kinda sucks. This is a comfy chair, though kinda hurts my back with the way I sit. Time to move on.

I made my way to the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf across the street (Corner of Hollywood & ... wait, okay, can't find the street name. Goddamnit.) Well, it's across the street from the {Grau}Man{n}'s Chinese Theatre. Also, goddamn the people in costumes scare me. There was a guy in a Darth Vader get-up, complete with one of those cheap toy lightsabers. you know, the ones that are made up of segmented plastic sections and have a lightbulb in them? Anyway, that was creepy. Luckily, free wireless right here. Good signal, too. A few networks if you're picky... Alrightie. Awesome. Hmm... Can't get an AP on two of these... oh well, one's good enough for the road. Looks like it's actually made to be free. Awesome.

cinegrill-free: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, across the street from Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Decent signal, seems to be a free-internet provision from the Cinegrill across the street inside the Chinese. Pretty kind of them, don't you think? IP Range is 10.0.20.x though, which is cool. Don't see that every day.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Wardriven Landslide?

Welcome to the Wardriven Landslide, a look into life at the foot of the Hollywood Hills for a professional geek. I'm currently right next to where the landslides on Laurel Canyon took place, and I decided it had to be the weight of all the unsecured wireless networks around. That's how I can type this up; even if one person secured their wireless a week, I'd have free internet for the next six months. Six months of blogging, working, "telecommuting," conversing.

I'm not much to think about; I'll get into why that is later. For now... Available wireless networks in the LA Metro area I've discovered today:

NETGEAR: Corner of Sunset and Cahuenga. Not the strongest network, but decently reliable if you need to shoot off an e-mail right quick.
linksys: Arclight Theatre on Sunset Blvd; best signal right outside the front door. 80 to 85% right next to the ticket sales kiosks right outside.